last day before spring break

07the thursday before last month was super fun! I when to the second grade room and a firefighter came in and we asked him questions. before the visit my class had a book picnic! we read books and i was almost late for the visit to the second grade. i wasn’t handed the book in time so i just read the book super fast and i needed to be with my class, so i had to rarly look at the back. i had already read the book but i had to rate the book on the paper that i had,so it took a bit.:( after lunch my class was split into gropes. i don’t think that i’m aloud to say the names of the students that i was paired with, but they know who they are. down below are some pictures of the things that i did that thursday. we also rotated from classroom to classroom. the only bad part about the day was friday letter. we had to do it quickly, otherwise we would be late being picked up.

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light and shadows

samaiai decided to see what else i can do with gimp so i messed around with gimp and made this. i hope all of you who are seeing this like it.


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what i did today on gimp

the book coveri played around with gimp and made a book cover that i am thinking about uising for a real book. but we will see in the future. so i hope you like this book cover.

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from samai’a

Hi! my book will go out to
Amazon and smash words today. This is the first book of four. It belongs to the you finish It series allows readers to write the end of the story. You can end of the story here on my site. I will tell you how soon. I can’t wait!

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Questions about me


 I thought it would be a fun idea to share some things about myself. To start here are five fun facts:1. What are your favorite colors? purple
2. What do you enjoy reading for fun?  i like read because i lol at the funny parts
3 What’s your favorite TV Show and why? i like wild kratts because it teaches about animals.
4. Two of my favorite things to do after school are: eat snack and watch wild kratts
5. I like writing stories because it is fun

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Hello world!

Hello world I don’t have any books out yet but I will soon.

I’m happy about this. I hope you are too.



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