Update on a new selling plans

So I’m kinda guessing that you asking yourself “What selling plans?” I’m going to explain that first. In some of the spring, most of the summer and some of the fall I have permission after school to go and sell some of my handcrafted jewelry and charms. Some might be pokeballs, necklaces, cats etc.

Normally in the winter I can’t sell and don’t work on making more stock, but I’ve also had trouble selling recently. I’ve been busier than I used to and don’t get out as often just for selling. If I sold online I could just fill out orders and ship them off.

I’m fast and good at what I do so I hope that this can help with my busy life. So hopefully soon I’ll be able to sell online and make the money I used to make every day after school. Some of the things that have kept me busy are basketball practice, basketball games, a comic book that I’m working on just for me (not saying anything about this because it’s for just me), school work that sometimes keeps me up until 10:00 pm, and more (of course the homework thing can also be blamed on me for the fact that I don’t always start it immediately don’t do that).

SO yeah. In short, I’m beginning soon a place where I can sell items and once this happens I hope that soon I might get an order from you!

Just a preview

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New Youtube Channel

Samai’a Back with some great news! I’ve got a Youtube Channel up and running. I’ve already posted two videos on it and soon some more will come. I hope you all add to the 14 subscribers I have. I like the fact that you all pay attention to what I update (if you do) Please like the videos and subscribe here’s a link to my channel below.  Thank you all for everything you do to support the blog! Bye!


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2014-08-28 06.11.05   I am making a new book series about a shape-shifting kitten that can time travel and fixes problems for her family. I cannot give examples on the book series because it is coming out very soon.  I hope you like book series. this will be a seven book series. so if you readers want more tell me in the comments section and if I get enough people saying that they want more then I will make season two of the shape-shifting, time traveling kitten. so if the book is out I suggest you go read it!  I’ve got the first few books done but they are not released yet. I hope to release them soon!

Message to you all,



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Sale on Lincoln Street

Last week my mom was out and found a place for me to sell. She came back to the house and showed me the flyer. https://www.facebook.com/Lincoln-Street-Market-252826895059316/ This is the link w/ more information about it. Mom saved a spot for me to sell. Of course, you need to pay money to get a spot. So Mom said I couldn’t spend more than what it costs to get a spot. The amount of money is 35$.

If you want to know more then visit the link in the description above.




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New Progject with mom.

I will release a new book soon.  I hope you all like activity books. cause that is what is coming. it will be about cats. in the book, there will be, cat facts and coloring pages, and jokes in between. I hope you all will like the new book. I found all the jokes and I am working on the illustrations for the book now. the pictures will be color-able so you can have pictures to color. I hope you all will like the book and cats. I know for one that I am a cat lover. so, I hope all you cat lovers reading this will get this book. the jokes are all priceless so, I hope you all like that book.

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Pokemon Go

I play Pokemon go every day! it is one of the most awesome games ever. you can catch Pokemon, Challange gyms, and a lot more! I love Pokemon go because it helps you get healthy and it can help you catch a lot of pokemon! Pokemon go is sort of like haveing Pokemon in real life! my own opinion about Pokemon go is a game that is cool. I live around three gyms and four pokestops. mom and I love to go to the nearest pokestop and spin it. Pokemon go got the best family and the best mobile game for 2016. I learned this through “pollygon.com”. my favorite Pokemon in the game is eevee. when mom lets me put the Pokemon in alphabetical order I find a whole heard of eevees. half the time I don’t let mom transfer them. I hope this post helps you think of lots of things about Pokemon go. before I sign off what’s your team? post that in the comments bellow. i

if you are this team we’ll be best friends.

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Aphmau My Favorite Youtuber

This is a fan fiction that she made up and it was hilarious! I think that aphmau is an amazing youtuber because she knows what funny is. She does really good videos and I think that she is really nice. You should check out her youtube channel! She as all kinds of different series for you to watch. My personal favorite is the love love paradise series. There are two links here in this blog post and one it to her youtube channel and the other one is to SEPTIPLIER, aphmau’s fan fiction. Above them will tell you what they are. Go ahead and check that out!

youtube channel


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Swim Lessons

Tomorrow is the last day of swimming lessons for me. but I will sign up for more swim lessons after Friday, so yay! I love swimming so this is very fun for me. down in the comments section please tell me if you have had swimming lessons before. I would love to hear from you guys!

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Today’s Update

Well now that it is summer I can just chill. Well not with my family. This summer is going to be packed. But if you guys have suggestions for a blog that I can do just message me on this post. I can go over your suggestions and pick a few to do some blogs on. Just message me on my website, or you can message me in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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a few days ago on gimp

glossy text 8 letters3words1meaning

i was on gimp and i had made some gimp imiges. i hope you like them!

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