Pokemon Go

I play Pokemon go every day! it is one of the most awesome games ever. you can catch Pokemon, Challange gyms, and a lot more! I love Pokemon go because it helps you get healthy and it can help you catch a lot of pokemon! Pokemon go is sort of like haveing Pokemon in real life! my own opinion about Pokemon go is a game that is cool. I live around three gyms and four pokestops. mom and I love to go to the nearest pokestop and spin it. Pokemon go got the best family and the best mobile game for 2016. I learned this through “pollygon.com”. my favorite Pokemon in the game is eevee. when mom lets me put the Pokemon in alphabetical order I find a whole heard of eevees. half the time I don’t let mom transfer them. I hope this post helps you think of lots of things about Pokemon go. before I sign off what’s your team? post that in the comments bellow. i

if you are this team we’ll be best friends.

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