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Aphmau My Favorite Youtuber

This is a fan fiction that she made up and it was hilarious! I think that aphmau is an amazing youtuber because she knows what funny is. She does really good videos and I think that she is really nice. You should check out her youtube channel! She as all kinds of different series for you to watch. My personal favorite is the love love paradise series. There are two links here in this blog post and one it to her youtube channel and the other one is to SEPTIPLIER, aphmau’s fan fiction. Above them will tell you what they are. Go ahead and check that out!

youtube channel

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Swim Lessons

Tomorrow is the last day of swimming lessons for me. but I will sign up for more swim lessons after Friday, so yay! I love swimming so this is very fun for me. down in the comments section please tell me if you have had swimming lessons before. I would love to hear from you guys!

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